Benjamin Moll

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Working Papers

with Yves Achdou, Jiequn Han, Jean-Michel Lasry and Pierre-Louis Lions

revise & resubmit, Review of Economic Studies
supersedes earlier version “Heterogeneous Agent Models in Continuous Time”
Online Appendix, Slides 
Also available as NBER Working Paper 23732

Papers in Progress

The Amplification of Monetary Shocks in HANK

(with Felipe Alves, Greg Kaplan and Gianluca Violante)


Life-Cycle Wage Growth Across Countries
Journal of Political Economy, 2018

supersedes earlier version “Experience Matters” (NBER Working Paper 18602)
data for experience-wage profiles in Figures 1 and 2

PDE Models in Macroeconomics
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 2014,

themed issue on “PDE Models in the Socio-Economic Sciences”

Economists may want to read this version with more economist-friendly notation.
Related and hard-to-find reference: Kolmogorov, Petrovskii and Piskunov (1937) (Ch.6 in this book)

Knowledge Growth and the Allocation of Time
Journal of Political Economy, 2014

MATLAB codes for computing Balanced Growth Paths described in Section 3

Well-Intended Policies  
Review of Economic Dynamics, Special Issue on Misallocation, 2013

Why Does Misallocation Persist?  
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2010

Notes and Old Working Papers

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