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with Yves AchdouJiequn Han, Jean-Michel Lasry and Pierre-Louis Lions

Supersedes earlier version “Heterogeneous Agent Models in Continuous Time” 
Online AppendixSlides 
Online Appendix D “Viscosity Solutions for Dummies”, Replication Materials

Website with codes for numerical solution (how to solve the stationary equilibrium of a Bewley model in Matlab in a quarter second)

Life-Cycle Wage Growth Across Countries
Journal of Political Economy, 2018

supersedes earlier version “Experience Matters” (NBER Working Paper 18602)
data for experience-wage profiles in Figures 1 and 2

PDE Models in Macroeconomics
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 2014,

themed issue on “PDE Models in the Socio-Economic Sciences”

with Yves Achdou, Francisco J. Buera, Jean-Michel Lasry and Pierre-Louis Lions

Economists may want to read this version with more economist-friendly notation.
Related and hard-to-find reference: Kolmogorov, Petrovskii and Piskunov (1937) (Ch.6 in this book)

Knowledge Growth and the Allocation of Time
Journal of Political Economy, 2014

MATLAB codes for computing Balanced Growth Paths described in Section 3

Well-Intended Policies  
Review of Economic Dynamics, Special Issue on Misallocation, 2013

Why Does Misallocation Persist?  
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2010

Old Working Papers, Notes, and Policy Papers

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